Understanding Basic Shortened English Words For International Clients

Understanding Basic Shortened English Words For International Clients

Hi, it is me, Thousif Ziya, and welcome to a new blog post. 

When you start speaking with International clients, using Shortened English Words, you break the wall between both, which is a way to remove the bridge of the language barrier. 

Using the native language can also establish a better understanding between you and your International clients, namely, the US, UK, Canada, and Europe.

Shortened English words can help you save time and create more efficient communication between you and your client. 

Let us start

Now let me take you through very basic words where you will understand why it is important, and you can use them. 

You know, guys, I bought this PC from a newly opened store. 

Let me tell you guys, the store is a Beaut, and they have this Promo offer. However, look at these tools. It is so Comfy and Fab

Well, you must be wondering. ButteFabComfy, Promo. What are these words in English? 

Well, the English language surprises me, rather than how we speak the language in today’s world. 

Look at it. 

It has changed so much with all the slang, abbreviations, and colloquial words. 

Like, I wanna, I gotta go

However, yeah, these are colloquial words

Guess what? We have another form of words in English, and they are called Shortened English Words.

What are Shortened English words?

It specifically means dropping the later part of the word to produce a new and shorter word with the same meaning. 

So when the word is already there in the language, why shorten it? 

However, you need to know because native speakers use these shortened words in their conversations.

So it is not just while they are texting. Even when they talk and speak well, they use these words. So I have a basic list of a few words for you. 

So we are going to go through it. 

We are going to understand what these words exactly mean. 

Let us dive deep into the details:

The first one is an Ad.

Well, an Ad is a shortened word for Advertisement

Yes, we see Advertisements in the newspapers, on TV, etc. However, this word in English is big “Advertisement.” 

Yeah, it is really big. Right?

So everyone who speaks English understands the word Ad. So when you say the word Ad, they all know it like, hey, have you seen the McD Ad? So it is pretty funny. Oh, by the way, I said McD.

McD is another shortened word for McDonald’s. 

Yeah, the burger that you eat. 


  • Well, rather than saying I am going to McDonald’s, you say, I am going to McD. 


Okay, let us have a look at another word. Butte. However, it is a shortened word for Beauty

Beauty is already a small word, so why shorten it? However, the word people like to use, rather than beauty, is Butte.


  • Bro, that lady at the Airport was Butte.


Okay, another word for you is Comfy

Comfy is a shortened word for comfortable.


  • It is a rainy day, and I am feeling so comfy here. You know, when you feel cozy and relaxed, you say comfy. 


Let us look at another word which is Meds

Meds is a shortened word for medicines


  • You go to the pharmacy to buy medicines. Well, now I got to pick up my meds. 
  • Well, he is taking really strong meds to help his depression. So yeah, I mean, he got to control his depression. So the doctor has prescribed him some meds.


The next one that I have for you is prep

Prep is for preparation. 

Now, it is the process to make something. 


  • So the prep time for roasting the chicken is just 15 minutes. So prep is a shortened word for the word preparation


Okay, let us have a look at another one.

That is the promo

Promo is promotion or promotional. 

Now, advertising is intended to increase the sales of a product or service, called promotion. Okay? 


  • I booked the flight half price during a holiday promo. 


So promo is a word. It is a shortened word for the big word, promotion, or promotion.


Here is another shortened word in English, which is interesting and commonly used: Rep

Rep is a shortened word for Representative. 

That is a long word. 

Just say Rep

Now, a Rep speaks or does something officially for another person or group.


  • Something like the sales rep explains the difference between the various types of cars. So the sales Representative is a sales Rep. 
  • Rather than saying he is the sales Representative, tell the sales Rep.

Let us make speaking simple. 

So let us use the word Rep. 


Here is another one for you. That is Sub.

Sub is a shortened English word for substitute. 

A substitute is a person or a thing that acts or serves in a place for another. 

So something like all the kids in the school misbehaves when their Sub is in the class. 

Yes, have you noticed that? Even as kids in school, when we used to have a sub teacher, we used not even bother.

Like we were always having fun, making too much noise. 


  • You are Sub for the day at church in place of volunteers.

So, yes, Sub is a shortened English word for substitute


Well, another word for you to understand is undies. Well, undies, that is funny. 

Undies is a shortened English term for Underwear. 

Yes, we all know what it means, so I do not have to explain it but pull up your pens.

Your undies are showing. Yes, that is how you use this word. 


Okay, the next one I have for you is Abs. 

Abs is a shortened word for the word Abdominal. 


  • Oh, your Abs are perfect. 
  • Wow. Have you been working out these days? Look at your Abs. 

So have you heard that word before? I am sure you have.


Here is the next one for you. Admin

Admin is a shortened word for administration or administrator. 

It is a person or a department that runs an organization. 


  • So, for example, I have to check with the admin department regarding this. Okay? So when you are at work, many people say that you have to check with the admin.


Here is another one for you. Fab

I mean, you look fab tonight. 

Fab is a shortened word for fabulous, wonderful, or stunning. 


Her dance performance was fab. 

So this is the way you end up using the word fab. 


So, guys, I will end this blog post with my favorite word, Vocab

Yes, Vocab is a shortened word for the word vocabulary. 


  • Improve your Vocab to get higher rates in writing content.


Many native English speakers use Shortened English Words to add color to their language. 

There are so many words that can not be listed in a single post. So what can you do to get all those words? 

It is very simple: whenever you come across a new Shortened English Word, make a note of it, and use it daily. 

Try to learn and use them in your conversations.

Points Remember

  • While Shortened English Words can be useful in casual conversations, they should be used when your client is close to you.
  • It is equally important to understand the context in which Shortened English Words are used. For example, the Shortened English Word “Bro” is used among friends and family, but it may not be good to use in a first-time meeting or with ultra-professional clients. 

I will be back soon. 

Until then, take care and keep smiling.

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